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Sulkowitch Urine (Calcium) Test
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Sulkowitch Urine Test
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Monitor your health through your urine calcium

Measure the calcium content in an urine sample quickly and accurately using a simple titration procedure. The test measures calcium being excreted from the body. Calcium absorption depends on the acidity of the stomach, as well as a number of other co-factors including the amount of phosphate present, and takes place in the upper intestine.

Pharmacology of test
The kidneys have a calcium threshold unlike glucose. When calcium levels in serum rise above a certain level it will spill over into the urine. Conversely, when the calcium level drops, there will be no spillover into the urine. Determination of the calcium content in urine is based on the reaction of the calcium ions with the reagent provided to form a precipitate. Therefore the more precipitate (more turbidity) results, the higher the level of calcium in the urine sample. The reagent contains oxalic acid, ammonium oxalate and glacial acetate acid.

Contents of the Sulkowitch Urine test kit

10-test pack
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 2 result comparison sheets
  • 1 bottle containing indicator solution
  • 2 glass test tubes
  • 2 Pipettes / Droppers

Images of Sulkowitch Urine Test Kit

The Sulkowitch Urine (Calcium) Test was produced in collaboration with and the results were validated by Kemetco Research Inc. based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - 2010

Note: Larger test packs are available for practitioners and professional health care users. Please contact us by email: info@osumex.co.uk

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