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MF (metal free) Water

MF Water was developed primarily to enable users of the Osumex HMT Kits who wanted to test food or other substances to prepare the specimen solution for testing. Users had to soak samples of the food or substances in metal free water with weak (5%) acetic acid or clean white vinegar.

However, it was discoverd that a lot of the "distilled" water sold by retail outlets contained presence of metals when tested. These distilled water was supposed to be clear of metals. As a result Osumex decided to develop the product to enable users to prepare the necessary specimen solution to conduct the test.

MF Water is good to use for:
  • brushing teeth
  • cooking
  • cleaning vegetables
  • diluting juice or any concentrates
  • batteries where distilled water is required

MF Water is first filtered, then distilled and then filtered again to make sure that all metals including contaminants are extracted by the processes. It is then checked for the presence of metals with Osumex HMT General kit. Images of the result of the test is posted below.

Image of tube of MF Water 50ml along with tests (Osumex HMT General kit) indicating that the water does not contain metals


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