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Number 26 on the "periodic table" of elements

Tests the presence of ions of iron to a high degree of accuracy to detect contamination in the body and on a wide range of materials in your environment

How to Test

Preparation of Test Solutions
  1. Remove the 3 vials and pH strip/scale from the large test tube
  2. Add 10ml of the sample solution to be tested to the large test tube
  3. Check pH of the sample solution by dipping the pH strip (about 1/2 cm.) into the solution and comparing to the pH scale provided. If the pH is higher than 4.0 add 1 drop of reagent 2 and then check with the pH strip again after cutting off the used section.
  4. If the pH is below 3.0, add one drop of reagent 3 and then check with the pH strip again after cutting off the used section.
  5. Repeat procedures (iii) and (iv) if necessary until the pH reading is between 3.0 to 4.0
  6. The solution is now ready for testing

Conducting the test
  1. Add all the contents in the vial with yellow cap (reagent 1) to the sample solution in the test tube
  2. Cap the test tube and gently turn it up and down 2 - 3 times
  3. Wait 3 minutes and check the colour of the solutions against the colour strip provided on the box
  4. Take note of the reading from the colour chart
  5. If the result is higher than 0.25 ppm (maximum range), and a more detailed result is required, dilute the original sample solution with distilled water by 5 or 10 times the volume and re-test with another kit. Then multiply the result by 5 or 10 to obtain correct value in ppm.

The numbers indicate parts per million.

Check out the iron in your body with our easy to use, home-based, HMT Iron Regular Test Kit
or HMT Iron Sensitive Test kit

HMT Iron Sensitive Test kit with color strip for results analysis

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