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Osumex 10P Urine Analysis

Limitations of the 10-P Test
  • Glucose
    Moderate amounts of ketones may inhibit the colour development of the presence of small amounts of glucose (75-125 mg/dl). The reactivity of the glucose test decreases with increase SG and will vary with temperature

  • Bilirubin
    Reactions may occur with high levels of chlorpromazine or refampen (rifampin). These substances are often used for certain bacteria infections and or tuberculosis.

  • Ketone
    It is possible that colour results that suggest a positive reading may be affected by the presence of MESNA or large amounts of phenylketones or L-dopa metabolites - a human growth hormone

  • Specific Gravity (SG)
    highly buffered alkaline urine may cause low readings and presence of moderate levels of proteins may increase SG readings

  • Blood
    The sensitivity of the result may be affected by high SG. Microbial peroxidase usually associated with urinary tract infection may cause false positive results

  • pH
    If "running" of the urine occurs due to excess urine on the strip, it may lower the result

  • Protein
    A false positive result may be caused by high alkaline urine. Contamination by quaternary ammonium compounds may also cause false positive results

  • Urobilinogen
    The presence of Ehrilch's reagent such as porphobilinogen and p-aminosalicyclic acid may affect result. Presence of azo-dyes may mask colour. If a negative result is achieved, it is not confirmation that urobilinogen is not present as it may be masked

  • Nitrite
    A positive result is not a quantitative indication of the presence of bacteria. Any pink colouration of the result should be interpreted as a positive result of 105 or more organism/ml. There are other infections by organisms which do not contain reductase to give a positive result for this nitrite test

  • Leukocyte
    A strong colour urine and the presence of the drug cephalexin and gentanicin might interfere with the result. The colour result is also affected if protein is present to 500 mg/dl or higher. High levels of glucose and high SG may depress colour result

Each Osumex 10P Urine Analysis consists of a test-tube, a strip contained in a pouch, colour chart to check results of the test and an insert on usage and information. Please see images below.

Click here for full size 10-P Test chart

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