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Osumex 10P Urine Analysis

How to Use and Test
  1. Remove the pouch containing the test strip from the box

  2. Collect the urine sample in a container and transfter to the test tube provided with the pipette

  3. Open the pouch at the end marked by the label

  4. Remove the test strip carefully making sure that you do not touch the indicator areas on the strip

  5. Immerse the indicator areas of the test strip completely into the urine sample for 1-2 seconds

  6. Remove the test strip by sliding the back side of the strip along the edge of the test tube to remove excess urine

  7. If necessary place the back of the test strip on a piece of tissue or absorbent paper to dry the edges of the test strip making sure that there is no "run" of urine down the strip to avoid contaminating the results.

  8. Compare the resultant colour on the test strip to the colour chart provided. Take note of the reading time and it is important to read reach result at the respective time indicated

Test results are obtained by direct comparison of the resulting colour change of the indicator areas on the test srrip to the colour chart provided. The results are time sensitive and should be read accordingly, starting from 30 seconds for glucose to 2 minutes for leukocytes. It is best to test first morning urine. Test immediately upon collection of urine sample or within 5 minutes so that there is no "settling" of the urine. If user wishes to test later, it is recommended that the urine sample be refrigerated until it is time to test. The urine should be allowed to warm back to room temperature and gently stirred for uniformity before testing.

The accuracy of the tests will also depend on the reading of the result against the colour chart provided. It is essential for a user who has colour blindness or difficulty in discerning colours to find another person who could to read the results.

Each Osumex 10P Urine Analysis kit consists of a test-tube, a strip contained in a pouch, colour chart to check results of the test and an insert on usage and information. Please see images below.

Click here for full size 10-P Test chart

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